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Dr. Stephanie Lee is a veterinarian in Anaheim.

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Dr. Stephanie Lee, Anaheim Veterinarian

Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee's journey to becoming a veterinarian is nothing short of inspiring. Born in New Jersey, she spent most of her childhood in South Korea, where her love for animals was ignited. Her passion led her to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine at Jeonbuk National University in Korea, where she found her true calling

In 2021, Dr. Lee moved to the US to further her veterinary career. She completed clinical rotations at Louisiana State University's vet school Following her graduation, she settled in Orange County and started working at Anaheim Animal Care and Pet Hospital, where she has been providing exceptional veterinary care to her patients ever since.

Aside from her love for veterinary medicine, Dr. Lee has also discovered her interest in animal-assisted therapy (AAT). She believes that animals have a unique ability to promote healing and well-being in people, and her experiences have shown her that AAT is not only limited to the realm of psychological therapy but is also a way of life for those who share their lives with pets. When not at the hospital, she enjoys staying active and practicing healthy habits, such as rock climbing and Pilates. She believes that physical activity and mindfulness is essential to maintaining a healthy mind and body, which translates to better patient care

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